Fiery Globe

Fiery Globe

It’s been a year since I started working on Menstrupedia and every part of my brain is occupied with it’s thoughts. I am obsessed with Menstrupedia’s work and enjoy it so much that I hardly feel like doing some thing else. Few months back amidst of no where, I suddenly felt like making a Lamp and came up with this. It took me an hour to make it. I could not think of a suitable name so I asked my Instagram friends to suggest a suitable name. Fiery Globe was suggested by Prasoon Gupta, I liked it very much and decided to call it the same 🙂
I am able to finally post it here along with the tutorial. This lamp is made out of the things that were available at my home. You can also just use the bamboo globe wrapped with lights and hand them to lit up a cozy corner.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial:

Fiery Globe Tutorial


Glowssoms: Tutorial

Retain the Spring and have a bright Summer!!

This is how I tried to retain the spring this summer !!
I found an old tyre tube in my backyard and converted it into a flowery lamp using series lights and paper roses.
These night blossoms make the living area very pleasant and relaxing. One of the many reasons why we always look forward to go home after work.

Cup dé light: Tutorial

We were trying to make some decorative with series lights & paper cups and came up with this.
Paper cups used for coffee, tea or water can be very easily recycled to make an eco-friendly exotic lamp.
I am just loving the ambiance light this lamp creates in our drawing room.

Every point where one layer of the cup flower comes in contact with the other layer is glued.
It takes some time for layers to get stuck with each other, so its better to finish sticking first 2 layers and then adding the 3rd one.
The red dots shown here are the glued points.